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  • Power outage in a few areas on Bonaire

    Kralendijk, 29th April 2016 – On Friday 29th April 2016 at 09:04 hours a power outage took place in several areas on Bonaire. WEB Bonaire started an investigation immediately for the cause and the extent of the outage. The power outage was solved at 10:00 hours.

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  • Announcement WEB Bonaire

    Due to a gathering for WEB Bonaire employees the main office Playa is closed earlier in the afternoon:

    Tuesday 26th April 2016 

    The cashier will be opened non-stop from 08:00 up till 14:00 hours and the infor­mation desk will be opened non-stop from 07:30 up till 14:00 hours. The emergency service can be called toll free 24/7 on 9215.
    WEB Bonaire apologies for any inconvenience.
    WEB Bonaire, The Board of Directors

  • Framework agreement with TNO Caribbean for support in electricity production

    Kralendijk, 22ND April 2016 - WEB Bonaire and TNO Caribbean signed a framework agreement for technical and economic support for the expansion of the electricity production.

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  • Sustainability

    To WEB sustainability also means that we have to take corporate social responsibility. We are part of our local community and are aware of the accountability towards our clients.

    The sustainability percentage realized by WEB is approximately 30% and is determined annually based on the proportion of energy produced by the wind turbines of ContourGlobal Bonaire.

    A sustainable life style should be something that is within the grasp of all residents of Bonaire. It should be encouraged and be embraced as a social standard.

    For this reason WEB gladly invests in affordable, accessible and attractive sustainable alternatives.

    Every quarter we will publish a new interview with an inhabitant of Bonaire on the topic of sustainability.

    Interview: Alfredo Koolman